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Early Learning Consultation Services, LLC

Providing Support for Child Development Centers Nationwide

Customer Testimonials

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Misty Brown. Ms. Brown is applying to be a trainer and CDA advisor. I served as the Education Specialist for Regina Coeli Child Development Center for 7 years. During my tenor, I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Brown as growth as a preschool teacher. I believe her skills would be a tremendous asset. Ms. Brown is an extremely creative teacher. Her classroom always has numerous hands on activities for the children to use to learn skills appropriate for their age. Ms. Brown spends much of her free time thinking of creative ideas for the teachers that she supervises to use in their classroom. In addition, she has encouraged many of her staff to apply for their Child Development Associate. During her tenure as a Pre-K Teacher, Ms. Brown was seen as a mentor among her peers. She is notorious for sharing her knowledge of what is developmentally appropriate. She served on the curriculum committee and as a voice for her co-workers. Her ideas challenged other members of the committee to think outside the box. I also had the pleasure of presenting with Ms. Brown at the Louisiana Head Start conference. She displayed a calm, reassuring manner during the presentation. The knowledge she has about the subject matter was very evident to participants. Ms. Brown's skills, experience, attitude and willingness to assist, make her an ideal person to be a trainer and CDA Advisor. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. Sincerely, Faith, M.Ed.

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I have appreciated Misty Brown’s help with us in the “Focus Center” program. Agenda for Children has always been helpful in assisting us whenever we have asked for it, but this program and Misty in particular has been such a wonderful resource in helping us to grow and learn what we need to do to be the highest quality program for the children that we care for. Misty has the type of personality that not only lets you know what needs to be done, but also will help in any way possible in accomplishing that goal. She is personally responsible for me finishing up my CDA last year. I had taken all of the classes and had everything I needed, but put off completing the process because I really did not know what to do next and also because I was very busy. She got me going immediately with the process and walked me through it step by step until it was done! She does not allow for time to put things off! J Misty does not look at obstacles as something that gets in the way of a person’s goal. She finds new ways to overcome those obstacles and get things done. Misty is such a good reference person to go to when you have a question about ANYTHING to do with Child Care. She knows who to contact and how to contact them, even if I am not able to….she will reach them. If she does not know an answer, she will either find it out or point me in the right direction to find out for myself. She is “direct” and “to the point” about what needs to be improved and will give me ideas on how to do the improvements in the best, most cost efficient way. Her main focus is on the children and what is best for them. She has been a wonderful asset to my Educators as well, answering their questions and guiding them in the right direction. She gives them ideas on how to rearrange their classrooms, what to display in the classrooms and how to speak to the children in a loving, positive way. She has taught me SO much over the past six months or so to help me become a better Director for my Educators, Children and Parents. We have applied for 4 Stars and are awaiting word on the next step. I am hopeful that we will move from 2 stars to 3 or 4 in this process. But the bottom line is this…even if we do not gain more stars, we have gained a new, improved Child Care Center for our children and knowledge on how to be the best! This has been because of Misty’s love for the children and eagerness to share her knowledge and experience with everyone who works with children. In my opinion, she really does go above and beyond her duties and I feel the need to share this with her superiors. I look forward to continuing our “Focus Program” with Misty and Agenda for Children. Thank you for allowing us to have Misty visit once a week and help us to grow!


Kim, Director

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